8 Best Fiber Cereals To Keep You Healthy

Fiber intake is an essential part of our diet. Fiber is necessary regardless of a person's shape or size because of the function that it has in our body. It is well-known for making our gut healthier and improving digestion. If a person is dealing with constipation, the doctor will likely prescribe medicine that contains fiber or foods that are quite high in fiber. Not only that, fiber tends to speed up our metabolism because it speeds up digestion. However, the worst part is that fiber is found in very little quantity in most diets.

People don't avoid the intake of fiber consciously. It is just not found in ample quantities in the food that we eat every day.

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It has been discovered that eating a certain amount of fiber in the morning will not only improve digestive health but will help clear our stomach of any waste substances from the previous day. This, in turn, will reduce bloating and allow you to feel much fitter. Eating fiber in the morning is possible if you eat an appropriate quantity of food and the correct type of food. It has also been made easier for people because of the wide range of breakfast cereals available in the market.

8 Best Fiber Cereals

1.    Fiber One

Fiber One is a fiber-rich breakfast cereal that you will find on many lists concerning healthy cereals. Perhaps, one of the selling points of this cereal is that it has zero added sugar. This will protect your body from any unnecessary fats added for the sake of flavor. Each serving of this cereal contains about 18g of fiber which is a decent amount of fiber for any food. For comparison, this amount of fiber is found in at least 2 servings of fruit, making it one of the best fiber cereals.

2.    Wheat n' Bran

Wheat n' Bran is another excellent cereal that is on this list. The zero-sugar aspect of this cereal allows people to enjoy it without worrying about putting on the pounds. Wheat n' Bran gives the consumer at least 9g of fiber with almost every serving. Shredded wheat is perfect for digestion because of the expanded surface area that is easier to break down. Shredded wheat is also perfect for people looking to lose weight and get rid of bloating. This cereal is the ideal cereal for a weight-conscious person who wants to improve their figure.

3.    Grape Nuts

Another decent cereal that is available in the market is grape nuts. As evident by the title, the exquisite combination of grapes and nuts in your morning cereal is the perfect way to start the day. Not everyone is a fan of dry cereals, even if the cereal is high in fiber. The fruits and the nuts keep things interesting while also providing your body with the fiber it needs. It's important to keep things in control while also satisfying your taste buds, and this cereal does the trick making it one of the best fiber cereals in the market.

4.    Fiber One Honey Clusters

It is a popular belief that honey is the ideal alternative for sugar, and it is true. Honey consumed in large amounts may be bad for you in the long run, but the amount present in the Honey Clusters is the perfect ratio of sweetness that you need. Honey Clusters are granola-based, giving the extra cereal crunch that one needs for mouth satisfaction. The cereal may not have zero sugar, but it is quite low at 6 grams of sugar which is almost negligible considering the amount of fiber that one is getting; hence, it is among the best fiber cereals.

5.    Alpen Muesli

Muesli is quite a delicacy in many regions of the world, and America is no different. Muesli can make any breakfast more delicious and give your mouth a nice texture to chew on. Alpen Muesli is no different. It is high in fiber content; every serving has at least 7g of fiber going into your body. It also contains a hefty 8g of protein. The fiber is a healthy combination of soluble and insoluble fiber that is good for you.

6.    Kellogg's All-Bran

The term "all-bran" written on any cereal box should be your go-to sign that the cereal is rich in fiber. When the gluten content in any type of food is whole and not polished and preserved, the food is likely to have a high fiber content. If you choose this cereal, you will be receiving around 12g of fiber with every serving that you put in your body. Not only that, but this cereal is also an excellent source of vitamin D. If you have blood-pressure issues, this cereal may be perfect for you because of the low sodium content in it.

7.    Nature's Path Smart Bran

Another good whole cereal on this list is the Nature's Path Smart Bran cereal. Bran is a type of wheat that is left whole. It gives you that crude taste in your mouth which ensures you that you are eating healthy. All the while, you will not have to compromise on your taste buds because the cereal tastes delicious with a bit of splash of milk. In addition to that, the cereal also contains psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a substance known to lower cholesterol in the body.

8.    Kashi Go Cereal

Kashi Go cereals are not only high in fiber but are also high in protein. Much like fiber, the everyday man has trouble getting enough protein in their body. This is because of the increased amount of processed food in the market.

Maybe one of the off-putting elements of these cereals is that they contain sugar. However, the sugar content isn't that high, and a little sugar never killed anyone. If you are not obese or overweight, this sugar is perfectly fine for your body especially considering that they give a high amount of fiber to the body.

Drinking Tea with Your Morning Cereal

It should come as no surprise that for a healthy breakfast, the fluids that you consume with the breakfast do matter. Many people will often opt for a sugary coffee filled to the brim with syrups and creamers that aren't always good for you, especially if you consume them regularly. The perfect alternative would be to opt for a cup of tea. Tea is a better source of caffeine in the morning. It is not overpowering and does not contain many calories from sugar and carbs. The HalfDay Tea comes in all kinds of flavors, and you can pick whichever feels best for you. The flavors include lemon, for people who like a little kick of freshness. There is also the Honey and Ginseng flavor which is very good for smooth digestion. The cranberry flavor and the peach flavor are for those who like their tea to be a little sweet and smell nice. These teas will help speed up your metabolism in the morning and allow the fiber in the cereal to start working, and give it a head start. Plus, it is not an amalgamation of empty calories that are not exactly good for you. The calories you put in your body should make you feel full and energized throughout the day.

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All in All, a healthy breakfast is not just made out of solid food but also what you drink. Sweet coffees are filled with empty calories. This means that an average person will not even take these calories and count them as nothing. If you genuinely want your fluid to cost your body nothing and provide health benefits, opting for teas is a good and healthy option. Teas and fiber-rich cereals are the best way to go in the morning if you are looking for a beneficial and well-rounded diet.