Best Time to Drink Kombucha - Find Out the Truth!

All tea-lovers or people even mildly interested in teas or drinks made out of leaves have heard of Kombucha due to the amazing health benefits it provides. Kombucha is preferred over tea by some due to having more beneficial prebiotics by tea. This effervescent drink has been known from ancient times to today for killing harmful bacteria inside the body, improving the immune system, being an excellent anti-inflammatory drink, and being rich in antioxidants that will enhance an individual's overall health. It is considered an amazing detox drink that cleanses the body and digestive tract of the drinker. The process of fermentation prepares kombucha. Bacteria, yeast, and sugar are added in specific proportions in the green tea or black tea leaves and left to ferment for more than a week. At the end of the process, a mushroom-like semi-liquid is formed on the surface of the fermented tea; this semi-liquid is then used to make Kombucha. This drink is produced through fermentation; the tea naturally contains a very minute amount of alcohol, around only 1%.

The taste of Kombucha:

The reason that Kombucha is not as popular as a tea in most parts of the World, despite carrying more health benefits than regular black or green tea, is because of its distinct taste. The earthy and herb-like flavor that you might enjoy with black or green tea is not found in Kombucha; instead, due to the process of fermentation that produces lactic acid, Kombucha tastes a bit sour and simply put; it is not everyone's cup of tea. Especially to people that like sweet teas, Kombucha tastes very sour. It is an acquired taste, and most drinkers also add a dash of sweet juice to the drink to neutralize its sour flavor. However, due to its sour taste that comes from its acidic properties, a Kombucha is a perfect tea blend with the lowest residual sugar levels and highest prebiotic properties—making it an ideal cup of tea for health enthusiasts.


Tasting Kombucha

Best time to drink Kombucha:

One of the most popularly asked questions about this drink is when is the best time to drink Kombucha.

It is a herbal, effervescent, healthy drink that can be drunk throughout the day at different timings. However, excessive consumption of anything is never good, and hence one should only stick to 1-3 cups a day. There is no strict schedule of what time of the day you can enjoy a healthy and delicious cup of this bubbly fermented tea. Due to its health benefits and good nutrient composition, you can enjoy it any time of the day. Nevertheless, here are some of the best times to enjoy your Kombucha and feel refreshed/recharged.


Kombucha as a healthy drink alternative

Right after Waking Up in the Morning:

Mornings signify the start of your day, and nothing seems more tempting on a morning than a few extra minutes of comfortable sleep. To help freshen your mind and activate your body, Kombucha works like the perfect healthy drink. The low caffeine concentration in the Kombucha acts as an ideal pump of energy that the mind and body require early in the morning, without it being too much caffeine in your system, like in the cases of concentrated solid coffee or black tea. There has been little research on the benefits of Kombucha that shows that drinking Kombucha on an empty stomach acts as a great detoxifying drink and helps balance the bacteria in the gut, which helps in a systematic and smooth digestive process throughout the day.

Many people prefer a cold beverage in the morning to refresh them from the inside, especially on summer mornings; in such cases, a cold tea like that of HalfDay is a great recharging, cold, and healthy option to drink. The canned iced tea is available in 4 delicious flavors; Peach Green, Lemon Black, Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng, and a limited edition Cranberry Tea flavor.


Half Day Tea Tonic in lemon, peach and green tea


With your Meals:

Many people prefer drinking fizzy soft drinks with their food instead of water. Kombucha works as a healthy and delicious alternative to these fizzy soft drinks. It is a highly healthy choice compared to artificially flavored fizzy soft drinks, is made from the natural process of fermentation, is rich in prebiotics and antioxidants, and aids with digestion and detoxification. Making it a perfect drink to be drunk along with meals.

Post-exercise or workout sessions:

Most bodies crave an energy recharge after a workout, and hence many people resort to sugary drinks post-workout that recharge their bodies and provide them with the energy to continue with the day. Kombucha is made from organic tea and contains antioxidants, prebiotics, and organic acids, that help rehydrate the tired body after a workout and eliminate the need for a sugary drink. Kombucha replenishes the body while providing good health benefits and is an overall safer and healthier alternative to post-workout beverages. The small amount of caffeine found in the drink also helps the body regain its energy and continue with the day.

Middle of the Day:

Midday blues are a widespread occurrence, where a person wants nothing more than to be done with their day and head back to the comfort of their house to relax, yet a lot of activities for the day are yet to be completed. Hence, the body requires something to recharge the mind and the physical energy. Most people end up eating a sugary snack and then feeling guilty afterward. An iced cup of Kombucha can serve as a deliciously recharging treat for the mind and the body, without the guilt of consuming extra sugar or unhealthy carbs. A cup of Kombucha will rehydrate the body and re-energize it by providing a healthy dose of antioxidants and a minute amount of caffeine and sugar in the system to continue with the day. The digestive properties of Kombucha keep the gut healthy and the person feeling lighter and fresher.

Iced cup of Kombucha

Before Bedtime:

Night cravings are super intense for most individuals. Most of us end up resorting to unhealthy and sugary drinks or snacks right before bedtime, only to feel guilty about unhealthy eating habits and nighttime snacks later. If you are not highly sensitive to caffeine and low levels of caffeine won't disrupt your sleeping pattern, satisfying your nighttime craving with a cup of Kombucha instead of unhealthy snacks is the way to go! Not only is it a low-calorie, healthy option, but it will also detoxify your gut and improve digestion, helping you sleep better and have a refreshing day in the morning. Find the flavor and concentration of kombucha that works the best for you and add it to your lifestyle for a healthier lifestyle

A deliciously healthy drink:

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Lemon, peach and green tea Half Day iced peach tonic